Advertising With Outside Business Banners

Banners and signs aren’t just for exposition displays or over the top marketing strategies; they can also be used strategically for outside displays. Depending on the type of business you own, you can use outside signs at a variety of different venues. Some industries host outdoor events where businesses rent booths or tent space, and outside signs are the perfect way to market. You can also hang smaller banners outside your business when running marketing specials or advertising a long-term promotion.

Advertising at an Outdoor Venue

If attending an outdoor exposition or tradeshow, make sure your banner is large enough to attract attention. You’ll also want to choose a display method that allows you to anchor the banner to avoid it blowing up, blocking your business name.

If you simply have a booth at the tradeshow, you may only need one large banner that advertises your product or service. However, if you have a tent, you may want banners all around the perimeter so that prospective clients can see what you’re advertising from all angles. Tents do block the line of vision, so it’s important to advertise a little more aggressively.

Outdoor Banners for Your Business Front

Another way to advertise outdoors is to hang a banner outside your business. This works well if your storefront is located in a long shopping center where you have posts to anchor the sign. You can also hang one in a window front to advertise a promotion or special. If your company is located off a major roadway, an outside sign works great for attracting attention from the road. You just need to make sure that the sign is large enough, has bright colors, and the font is large enough for the average person to read most of it from a distance.

Choosing the Right Sign

Before investing in an outdoor banner, you need to figure out the specifications. Most outside marketing involves a larger sign, and an outdoor venue may require that you use a frame to anchor the sign. If hanging something from a tent or rooftop area, you will need a large banner with dark, block lettering to appeal to most customers.

If you’re going to be hanging it in a window, you want something smaller that won’t clash with the overall feel of your business. The lettering can also be more elegant than a larger sign. To make the most impact, consider using a variety of business banners when promoting outdoors.

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